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Meet Susan Shopodock

Provider Susan Shopodock

Susan Shopodock

Clinical Social Work / Therapist

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Susan Shopodock is a travel-loving clinical therapist and mother of one who calls Manitowoc home. Her practice areas include alcohol and other drug addictions, anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and developmental and relational trauma.

“I believe in creating a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship that encourages collaborative goal-setting and individuals’ right to self-determination. I support multiple pathways to recovery and utilize techniques that explore the mind/body connection. Rooted in the philosophy the mind can be used to heal the body and the body can be used to heal the mind, I employ techniques and approaches from cognitive behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, solution-focused, and sensorimotor psychotherapy.”

Therapy is more than a career for me; it’s a passion. I spend my time-off reading extensively about therapeutic techniques. If you think your mental health is negatively impacting your ability to function, please feel free to contact me, and we can discuss options.“

Client Focus:


Susan helps you to summit your summit by exploring solutions and skills that will assist you in getting closer to where you’d like to be – and how you’d like to feel. 

Snowy mountain summit, wildflowers